Gerald and Constance Bouey 


Often our initial exposure to the virtues of
compassion, empathy, altruism, and love,
introduced to us by our mothers, teaches us
how to be useful to others, giving us skills to
operate with civility. These nurturing attributes
are slowly de-constructed and minimized
typically around the ages of 8–12, as the
influence of the culture takes over as “teacher”
(Perry, 2008). At that age young minds begin to
become numb to the viability of compassion,
empathy, altruism, and love.

The WHO and the WHAT

Learning To Be Human, Power Station of LOVE
(LTBH,PSL) was created in August 2017 as a
501c3 entity dedicated to infusing individuals,
communities and organizations with practices of
the heart. We intend FIRST to be a benefit and a
resource in the community we live in and
SECONDLY, be a benefit to the broader
community. Our designed approaches are
delivered in different venues including workshops,
presentations, and one-on-one processes re-
igniting the virtues of compassion, empathy,
altruism, and love to those most impacted by its
absence or diminished contribution to their lives.