Learning To Be Human

Power Station of LOVE

Our Mission

To illuminate the energy of love by bringing transformational Practices of the Heart to individuals, organizations, and communities through: 

- Mentoring
- Programing
- Content Creation

"There is no force in the world better able to alter anything from its course than love"

- Fr. Greg Boyle

Who We Are

Learning To Be Human (LTBH) is an educational character and communication developmental process integrated with practices to help individuals, organizations, and communities re-invent thought patterns, which currently do not work, are broken, dysfunctional, or toxic, including the relationship with self, others, and even the world.

It is our sincere belief that by gaining heightened individual internal skills and relating those skills, and perspective to their individual existence, that the result will create an
experience of well-being and life success. 


Students of LTBH are mentored weekly by trained mentors.


LTBH gives presentations to groups large and small to share our mission and promote Love.  Click here to learn more...


LTBH creates learning opportunities for organizations